Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode :What does it do?

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the popular multi-purpose vehicles, and it will also provide you with more features and excitement than the average Jeep. Furthermore, Cherokee is a four-wheel SUV with a luxurious design.

Only in the US, a quarter million people bought the Cherokee as per Statista. t is a multi-purpose vehicle that provides you with multiple modes but today, let’s focus on Cherokee’s “Sport Mode,”

what is sport mode on Jeep Cherokee?

Sport mode is a useful and convenient method that gets your Jeep Cherokee faster acceleration as well as a better response of throttle. Sport mode also pushes extra power to the rear, turns off the traction control system, and gets more control over your vehicle.

Even though it is a popular option and many people own Jeep Cherokee, they might not know how to utilize the sport mode fully or when to use it.

Are there any flaws or cons of using the sport mode in your Grand Cherokee? this, including various other questions, will be answered in this article, so stick with us.

What is Sport Mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

Sport mode makes your vehicle’s acceleration faster and better throttle response. However, now let’s elaborate on it and talk about what sports mode on a Jeep Cherokee is. So, first of all, there are various modes you can choose to drive on your Jeep Cherokee: Standard, Eco, Snow, Mud, and Sport. And according to the road and environmental conditions, drivers can choose these modes.

Since we are now focusing on sports mode.

Sport mode is highly used when in need of more speed or power. This mode is especially committed to off-road enthusiasts who want that more power. Using only on highways and broad, clear roads are highly recommended. While using the sport mode, the shifting patterns of the suspension settings get changed. Moreover, sport mode lowers the ride height, resulting in lower ground clearance.

However, there is a reason why this mode lowers the ride height, and the reason is that it makes drivers easier and safer while turning in sharp curves. Furthermore, it also holds the gear for a long time. So, sports mode makes your vehicle accelerate faster to get top speed.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: When is it used?

When you have different modes to choose from, that brings a question, which mode should be used in what condition or when, and since we are here talking about sport mode, we can ask when should the sport mode be used. So the answer is depended on the driver as we can choose and use this mode anytime we like.

However, there is a reason why there are various driving modes. And since the sport mode gives more power and makes the vehicle faster, it is not recommended to use it on wet, snowy, and muddy roads because different modes are used specifically for the mentioned roads.

So when should we use this mode?

The sport mode should be used when you need to get your vehicle to accelerate quickly. Because in normal circumstances, it takes more than a few seconds to react just as you step on the pedal; however, while using the sport mode Jeep Cherokee will catch up and react to it more quickly and efficiently.

You use the sport mode when you need speed or more power, for example, climbing up a steep road or going on a bumpy or winding road. And as stated above, you can always choose to use this mode which means you can show off around the city with the sports mode; however, keep in mind that it will take more gas than it normally would when using sports mode.

Is it bad to drive Jeep Grand Cherokee in Sport Mode?

While many Grand Cherokee users find it fun and efficient to travel on different roads on different modes. However, everything has flaws, and if you are wondering,

is it bad to drive Jeep Grand Cherokee in Sport mode?

The answer is, yes, it is bad as it is not perfect.

First, it consumes more gas, and we can’t use it on muddy or wet roads. And as much as there are flaws in this mode, there are also many positive points. The first good thing about Cherokee is that it expands horsepower and torque, which will make your Jeep go fast, and many have reported that using sport mode increases engine problems.

What? You thought this was the only good thing about Sport mode? If you did, you couldn’t have been more wrong because the sport mode also increases suspension stiffness, reducing the body roll and providing optimal tire traction.

How can I use Sport mode properly?

Well, first, you need to enable the sports mode. And it is quite simple and easy to enable this mode; you just have to activate it through a button or switch.

And you will find the mode switching button most probably around your gear lever or stick.

However, that does not mean every model of Cherokee has a mode switch around its gear lever. For example, Jeep Cherokee 2016 has a knob to change the modes. When the vehicle is started, it automatically decides the direction it should take after reading the terrain it is traveling over.

And if you want to switch it to manual, you can turn the knob and change it from auto to manual.

Furthermore, sports mode is not something permanent it was designed to use temporarily. So you can use it when you need to go faster, and since this mode will make your Jeep faster, you can overtake other vehicles faster. However, sport mode is not recommended if you want your Jeep to last long because the sport mode might affect your vehicle’s longevity. And if you want to save gas, you might want to stop using the sports mode because it consumes or takes more gas.

So if you are willing to use the sport mode on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you might want to be careful because as much as there is to show, there are also many consequences.

Cons of using Sport Mode in your Grand Cherokee?

Before getting into what flaws or cons the sport mode has, let’s take a moment and remember how the Jeep Grand Cherokee was made. So to produce this big engine, many inventive and creative engineers came up with the standard mode first. However, they devised different modes, including sport, to market their vehicle brand.

Now let’s talk about what cons the sport mode has or why you should not always rely on and use Sport mode:

  • Gas usage will rise; at times, you will burn twice as much fuel, which is bad for your budget.
  • You will likely be forced to brake sharply when your brakes do not work competently.
  • You might need to change a few parts of your Jeep because some of the parts will be experiencing high pressure due to sports mode.
  • Because of the high speed and poor steering, more effect will be on suspension.
  • As this mode requires more power, the engine will also get pressure and wear quickly.
  • The gearbox begins to overheat when it operates at greater RPMs and is subjected to increased loads.

Because sports car was never designed for the long term, it was used temporarily when necessary. Honestly, using sports mode for the long term is like giving poison to your vehicle. And the issues mentioned above are the major or main issues you will face. And if you think this is false, you will face your Jeep worn out completely. But if you still want to use sport mode every day, then good luck repairing your Jeep each month.

Does Sport Mode make your Grand Cherokee louder?

Sport mode is something only experienced drivers should use because this mode makes your vehicle go fast, and it sure can cause a dangerous accident. We have been saying that this mode makes your vehicle fly or go fast but does the sport mode make your Grand Cherokee louder?

The answer is absolute. It makes your Jeep louder because the setting of sport mode makes the throttle’s response very violent, and this reaction causes the throttle body to open, resulting in more power and loudness.

And since the vehicle uses extra air to burn gas, it makes a loud noise. It also applies additional force to push out more exhausts. Many sports car enthusiasts might love the loud sound or noise; however, some people don’t like the loud noise. The only way you can turn the loud noise off is to switch to auto or standard mode.

Can you put the Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode while driving?

You can change or put the Jeep Cherokee in sports mode while driving. Jeep Cherokee has a sporty mode, including other modes like Mud, Snow, and Eco.

You can always change the mode of the Jeep Cherokee even while driving. However, remember that sports mode is to be used for a short period. Furthermore, by changing mode to sport, your Cherokee will begin to fly, so you might also want to reconsider before using this mode as you might end up getting into a fatal accident.

To switch mode, press the button or switch, and if you want to change the mode while driving, you first have to slow down.

How do you drive a Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode?

Driving in sports mode is similar or the same as driving in normal mode. However, it would help if you were extra careful while driving in sports mode. As mentioned, sport mode makes your Jeep Cherokee fly as the vehicle response reaction increases by around 30% quicker than it normally would.

This is why you must handle your vehicle more professionally or skillfully after changing into sports mode. And once you get the hand of this mode, you might as well be addicted to it.

Difference between Normal Mode and Sport mode chart

Comparison Chart of Normal mode vs sport mode in jeep

How can I disable sport mode in Jeep Cherokee?

Disabling sport mode does not require any trick because you can turn off this mode or enable another mode. There are various modes in Jeep Cherokee, and you must enable the auto or standard mode to disable the sport mode.

Moreover, it is suggested not to use the sport mode regularly because it can hamper your vehicle, and using it long-term will also cost you very much.

Here is a video Guide To enabling and disabling mode in Jeep Cherokee.


what we would like to add is that sport mode is something that gives you wings in driving mode. It is always good to know; maybe this article helped you learn a few things about Jeep Cherokee’s sports mode.

And at last, we would like to bring this up again never use sport mode for the long term because it will damage your vehicle. If you use it daily, you will have to repair your Jeep each month which you don’t want to last; because it fastens your vehicle, there is also a very high chance of getting into a fatal accident, so always handle it professionally.

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