Jeep 3.8 engine problems [Everything You need to Know]

We humans have come a long way, from hunting animals using stone to creating war machines and vehicles that even fly. However, even though we have learned many things from 100s of years, we still can’t seem perfect or make something without flaws. For example, let’s take a 3.8-liter Jeep Wrangler engine invented and created by brilliant engineers.

You may also have heard that the 3.8L engine starts getting issues before reaching 100,000 miles. So what is the truth? Before we get into it, we want to point out that the 3.8L V-6 engine was chosen as Jeep Wrangler’s power source back in 2007.

And yes, this engine has many cons; however, different people are saying different things about it, so to make it easier for you, we are here to provide you with all the pros and cons this engine has.

Furthermore, we will also discuss the most chronic or frequent issues this engine has and give some tips to keep running your engine for a long period.

Most common and main issues in Jeep 3.8L engine

What are the problems of jkAs mentioned, we will discuss all the pros and cons of the Jeep 3.8L engine. However, before we talk about its best features or cons, let’s know its main problems or cons. Getting to know its problems will let us think and understand if this engine is good for us or not because engines do not come cheap and money doesn’t grow in trees, so we need to consider every possible thing before purchasing it.

Here you will get an idea of the problems with the 3.8L engine, and it will make it easier for you to decide whether you buy or not a 3.8L engine-powered Jeep.

So does this engine even have a problem? of course it does. It has not one but multiple problems. However, as mentioned above, people claim that this engine starts showing problems before it reaches 100,000 miles, but that is not true. Some might show the problem, but most of the engine does not show any problem or issue before reaching 200,000 miles. And yes, that means this engine is not all bad or not worth buying.

But still, it is not perfect and has a lot of problems, including:

An issue with leaking

You will have to spend time cleaning your garage because this engine will cause your vehicle to leak all the liquids. Not only that, but these leaks could result or cause poor quality of oil and antifreeze, which is pretty harmful to the engine.

Depletion of oil

Although it has many great features, after over 100,000 miles, your engine will sadly start to burn extra oil. However, the problem may also lay in other parts of the engine. Check valve seals if oil consumption or depletion is excessively high.

Idling issue

This is one of the major issues with the aged 3.8L engine in your vehicle. As mentioned, the engine does not idle properly, with the tachometer arrow constantly bouncing at about 800 RPM. You will have to inspect each sensor. And it will be a hassle to find the issue.

It makes noise while starting.

Every engine makes a sound or noise while starting, but sometimes this engine may make a louder noise, and if that ever happens, you should immediately make your mechanic examine it.

Dislodged Throttle Body Plug-In Clip

Sometimes the plug-in clip is dislodged from the throttle body, and when that happens, it makes the engine cut the power. An error code usually indicates a problem with the throttle body or that the throttle is not reading properly. So if you are facing this problem, then the solution might be simple, be sure that the plug-in clip is in its place, but if that doesn’t resolve your issue, then you need professional help.

Cracked Exhaust Manifold

As mentioned, exhaust leakage is pretty common on the 3.8L engine. And the main reason could be a cracked exhaust manifold. And since this is not one side issue, you have to replace both because if not taken care of, it can make your vehicle run poorly and create other problems.

And an amateur might even say that it is a problem with the inner part of the engine, so make sure to peel the heat-shield covers and make sure if the manifold is brunt.

Crippled Wires

Your Jeep wires might get damaged or melt while resting on a manifold or headers. So it is advised to read the plug wire guides you were given while purchasing the vehicle so you can use some safety measures and prevent the wires from getting melted and damaged.

However, it would be best if you always remembered that not every Jeep Wrangler 3.8L engine will have the abovementioned issues. Sometimes, your vehicle will run smoothly even after crossing 200,000 miles. And although the engine will have many problems, most of the time, it is not the manufacturer who’s at fault but the drivers. If the drivers follow the guide properly, they can see your vehicle’s longevity.

Jeep 3.8L Engine Specifications

As we mentioned above, the 3.8L engine was first introduced for Jeep Wrangler in 2007, and clearly, Jeep lovers were not impressed or happy about it because this engine was replacing the old 4.0L inline-six engine. The 4.0L engine was not eco-friendly, but it was pretty dependable, and although it was not perfect, it was loved by the Jeep fans, most probably because of its longevity.

The new engine 3.8L was created and installed to solve the ecology problem. However, Jeep lovers preferred the old engine over this one, but to their surprise, the new engine had better longevity. Still, people were not buying it and used to get other engines for their vehicles.

However, suddenly the 3.8L engine became very popular, and many started using it. It was eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and more than that, it was long-lasting. Many experts even said this engine is one of the best options for Jeep.

Below are a few specifications or features that you need to know:

  • Although the simplistic design was advantageous, you had to repair this engine regularly.
  • Jeep Wranglers before 2007 used a six-cylinder inline engine that used to last longer than this new engine.
  • This engine produced just 237 lb-ft of torque, which was adequate but insufficient for a motor of this size.
  • High-mileage engines are not without issues, as seen by the numerous negative reviews submitted by consumers who purchase secondhand Wranglers.
  • Despite its 3.8-liter size, this engine produced only 202 horsepower, which is not impressive.
  • Additionally, it generated 237 lb-ft of torque, which isn’t bad but not for this displacement.

Wrangler was made for off-road, and it is obvious that going on off-road adventures keeps pressure on any engine and reduces its longevity. As mentioned, the 3.8L engine was not preferred by many Jeep users, and you might as well know why. Well, it is because it’s Jeep Wrangler.

Many people did not like this engine when it first came. Furthermore, people were comparing it with the engine before this one. However, this engine was built to be eco-friendly.

Life expectancy

Although many have complained that the 3.8L engine starts giving problems or issues even before reaching 100,000 miles, we would say that if you take really good care of your vehicle, it can easily last about 200,000 miles. And even though people who use their Wrangler for off-road adventures can expect around 100,000 miles. Moreover, people who take care of their Jeep and only use it on the paved road can expect it to last for around 250,000 miles.

So its longevity or life expectancy depends on the driver and where you drive it. You can take care of your vehicle so that you won’t have to take it for repair or replacement soon. And the fact is that even though people spread hate about this engine, there are not many people who have faced such problems.

At last, we would like to add that the 3.8L engine is a decent engine for Jeep Wrangler. However, the caretaker and driver depending on how long the engine will last. We can’t expect you to drive in muddy and very off-road and still think the engine would last.

Although there are much better V6 engines for off-road adventures, this engine is still quite good. If it is given proper care and maintenance, then it will last long enough for you. We are not saying this is good, but it isn’t that bad either.

Who manufactures the 3.8L Jeep engine?

So who manufactures the 3.8L engine? We can say that the 3.8L engine was manufactured by the automobile manufacturer company Chrysler. So why we can say that Chrysler manufactured it is because the 3.8L engine is the continuation of Chrysler’s 3.3L V6 since 1991.

Although the manufacturers of the 3.8L engine are Chrysler, the engine was built or created in Trenton, Michigan. This engine has a really good horsepower as well as torque, and it is the reason why this engine is perfectly good for the Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep Wrangler started installing the 3.8L engine from 2007 to 2011. However, the engine may have different quality and performance because, over the years, manufacturers have done various upgrades.

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