What Is Tip start In Jeep & Cars [Briefly Explained]

The Tip start function is available to Dodge RAM and Jeep models manufactured from 2009 to 2018. 

If you want to find out how to do this, use your car or view the build sheet. This is not a standard feature and may require an in-depth explanation. Let’s begin this article by answering this question.

What is Tip Start?

Tip Start is a feature available on some Jeeps and Dodge RAMs manufactured after 2009. The driver can turn on the ignition and start the engine using this feature. From here, you can control the car’s electronic control module that will keep the engine rolling until the car starts.

Remote start is a feature that is available on most Jeeps today. Still, Jeeps should be equipped with Tip Start. How does Tip Start work? How about we take a look at this?

How Does Tip Start Work?

As we have already mentioned, Tip start allows Dodge RAMs and Jeeps to only turn the ignition on once. The car’s electronic control module will keep cranking the car’s starter engine after that.

If your vehicle doesn’t start after this method, the ECM will turn off the starter engine after 10 seconds to prevent overheating.

Is Tip Start Useful?

Some people think flip Tips are useful, while others do not. It mainly depends on someone’s personal opinion. But most truck owners already have this feature installed on their vehicles. Since they have used it extensively, the general response that we have gotten from the Tip start is very positive.

Tipping doesn’t remove any slight discomfort, so it is all good. There is also an obvious problem here: cranking a car for a few seconds doesn’t solve any problem. This is why many people Tip Tip starts as a bit of a useless feature.

Tip start was actually added to RAM trucks and Jeeps because of the adoption of technology more than anything else.

Tip start makes it easier for people to operate vehicles. While the function of a Tip start may seem a bit bland, this technology has created a whole new range of features.

Features like ‘Remote Start,’ ‘Push-button Start,’ and others result from Tip Start. The tip start function might not look impressive, but it still allows many manufacturers to test different technology on a large scale.

Tip start is also quite efficient. A car’s ignition is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. The force on this part of the vehicle makes it quite vulnerable to malfunction. Tip start also aims to solve some of these wear and tear issues.

What Cars Have Tip Start?

Tip start is a common feature on the 4th generation Dodge RAM produced in the 2010s. The Jeeps that were built during this period also had some standard features.

Tip start is available in both Dodge and Jeep. These days we have a company called Stellanis which produces these vehicles with Tip start.

Which Jeep models hip Tip start?

Any Jeep model from 2009 to 2018 has a Tip Start. You can find a Tip start in all the older ones as well. Even if yJeepJeep doesn’t have a tip start, you can install it on Jeepjeep at a very affordable rate.

Does Tip Start Cost Extra?

In the past, tip start was a standard feature on all 4th generation RAMs and Jeeps released simultaneously.

These days though, Tip start is not available as a standard feature, and it is normally replaced with a remote start. If your truckJeepJeep doesn’t have a remote start, you can try installing a Tip start later. It will only cost you around 250 dollars.

Best way to start a Jeep/Dodge

Most Jeep/Dodge vehicles are equipped with remote start. When the temperature of a Jeep/Dodge gets too low, you can warm your vehicle up with a remote start in no time.

But how exactly do you remote start a Jeep/Dodge? Well, the easiest way is to look at your key, and you will find a button with an ‘x2’ mark. You will also see an arrow moving in circles.

  • Just press and release the remote button twice.
  • In 5 seconds, the lights will flash, and you can honk by itself
  • The engine will now run for 15 minutes, tops


Tip start is a wonderful feature, but it is not THAT critical. So, if you find a jeep with this feature, opt for it! It’s not like the decision to buy a vehicle hangs on this tiny, insignificant feature. You will find it useful in many areas, though.

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