14 Jeep Wrangler Wrap Ideas [With Pictures and Styles]

So You are planning to wrap your jeep wrangler but are confused about where to start and need some ideas. We will help you to provide a kickstart to your wrapping plan, with other information like which type of wrapping to use, their cost, and the benefits of using the wrap.

Wrapping gives a different look that is more bright, shinier, and matte to your jeep than the original. It’s a way of modifying your jeep outlook using different wrapping methods, wrap also provides benefits like protection from dents, Scratches, and weather conditions.

One of the most popular ways to wrap is using a vinyl wrap, a cheaper and readily available material compared to other options like paints,  carbon fibers, 3m Wrap, and Metal covers.

Jeep Wrangler Wrap Ideas with Pictures

1. Army Dress-Themed Wrap

army themed wrap

2. Artistic Themed Wrap

artistic wrap

3. Character Themed wrapped

character wrapped

4. Classy Clean Looked Wrap

classy wrap

5. Simple Lining wrap

simple wrap

6. Colorful Wrapped

Colorful wrap

7. Creative Wrapped

Creative wrap

8. Minecraft Themed wrap

minecraft style wrap

9. Nightmare Texted wrap

nightmare wrap

10. Partial wrap with Country Flag

Partial wrap

11. Partner Partial Wrap

partner wraps

12. Pink wrap

pink wrapped

13. shade Wrap of Color

shade wrap

14. Bloddy text Wrap

text wrap

Types of jeep wrangler wraps

Some popular materials can be used for wrapping your jeep. Some of them are affordable, and others are expensive. We will today dig dive into those materials for a wrap.

Vinyl Wrap- It is one of the most widely used wrapping materials used by Jeepers. vinyl is their choice for most of the jeep owners wrapping material as it is affordable and easy to wrap. Although vinyl wrap isn’t durable, it provides glossy and beautiful looks to your jeep.

Paint Protection Film- This material is used for wrapping as protection for the paint of your jeep. It is thinner and lighter than a vinyl wrap roll but offers more protection from dents and scratches. PPF is quite expensive compared to other materials.

3M Wrap – 3M is getting quite popular and frequently used by jeep owners. It is a wrap manufactured by a 3M company that is getting a good review from jeepers. I haven’t personally purchased their wrap, but some of my friends have claimed it to be more convenient and durable than Vinyl wraps.

Custom Paint- The wrapping way that can hurt your wallet is choosing a custom paint. It is more expensive as it needs paint as a material and workforce as a painter. Although you can choose any custom designs as your need painting method is traditional and not used frequently as a wrapping.

Should you wrap Your Jeep wrangler?

some country has a law that doesn’t allow changing the color of a vehicle. The first thing you need to look out for is a country’s rules regarding wrapping. If you are allowed to change the appearance of your jeep and you are not on an official jeep warranty. There is no reason why should you not wrap your jeep and give it a fresh and beautiful appearance.

Now you probably have a question can I wrap inside and outside the jeep?

Yes, You can wrap it inside and outside of your jeep but keep in mind that will increase the cost significantly.

Reasons to wrap your wrangler

Mostly there are 3 reasons to wrap your wrangler. Mostly wrapping is used for an advertising campaign for any company as it is way cheaper and more effective than advertising on a billboard.

Another reason is to hide dents and scratches, as a jeep gets old there will be dents and scratches on the jeep housing. Even if you care for it carefully your jeep will have scratches that can not be hidden. So wrapping is used to hide and make the jeep look new with an outstanding appearance.

The third reason is that jeep owners want to experience the modifying looks of a jeep. Although jeep paints are good in terms of quality we get tired of looking at the same colors and appearance so to give a jeep an altered look, Wrapping is considered.

Jeep wrangler Wrap cost

The average cost will be around 1500-3000 dollars if you use vinyl wrap and 3M wrap, But if you decided to use a custom paint that will cost around 8000 to 10000 dollars which is pretty expensive.

Also, keep in mind that those costs are for only outside, Can be doubled if you choose to wrap them all over the jeep.

If you are on a budget you can partially wrap your jeep which will cut most of the cost.

How can I Wrap the Jeep wrangler?

There are two ways to wrap your wrangler:

Look for nearby wrapping workshops- This is one of the easiest ways to wrap your jeep but can cost little more than another way.

Do it Yourself- Yes, you can wrap your jeep yourself. First, you need to get a vinyl wrap roll, tools like a wrap cutter, and scissors from stores. Now, wash your jeep and dry it up. Then apply a roll carefully; it’s like an advanced form of sticking a sticker.

So which should you choose? That depends on you; if you have some knowledge and accept some errors while wrapping, you can do it yourself as it will cut costs. If you can spend a little more, II would always recommend looking for a nearby workshop.


Wrapping can be pretty confusing when you start, but when you get the idea, you are ready to start. We have provided everything needed to kickstart your wrapping plans to reality.

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