Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8 : What’s a Difference In 2022

Regarding SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is probably at the top of the helm. You might wonder which is the best version for you as this model comes in two editions, X and Limited, with two different engine versions – the V6 and the V8. If you want to buy this SUV, you might have many questions.

But which one is the best version for you? How do you even go about choosing the correct one? Well, that’s the question we will answer in this article, so let us get started!

Comparing Grand Cherokee V6 and V8

Key Points V6 V8
Fuel efficiency The v6 is more fuel efficient. Due to a high-performance engine, you need to compromise on fuel efficiency.
Engine The Horsepower (184)is a bit lower than v8 and produces a torque of  171-pound feet. With a horsepower of 271 and a torque of 305 pounds
Noise Production Considered to be best for a long trip as it doesn’t produce noise like v8. The noise level on the V8 engine is very loud.
Handling & Stability It is Responsive and reliable for any road. Considered to be the best vehicle for off-road and terrains.
Price Not much expensive if we compare it with other vehicles with the same specs. Quiet expensive
Comparison Table of V6 vs. V8

The primary difference between these two engines is their size. The V8 engine has 2.5 liters more volume than the V6 one. This is one of the few main reasons why people prefer to go with the V8 engine. Its heavy size makes it great for a lot of purposes.

whats difference between Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8

In addition, the V8 engine has a lengthy wheelbase, which we don’t have in the V6 engine. There are a few other differences, such as the power they produce, their fuel efficiency, stability, and more. Here are some of the most crucial differences between the two:

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency refers to how much power you can expect per gas tank. There is a major discrepancy that you can expect from the two engine variants regarding fuel efficiency.

Cherokee V8

The V8 engine will provide you with more power, but if you prefer an engine that is efficient in its fuel consumption, you have to make some compromises.

It would help if you did certain things to get more mileage out of a V8 engine. For instance, getting the right tire can drastically improve your fuel consumption.

Yes, you heard that right. Tires have a big influence on fuel efficiency. So, you can get five more miles per gallon with a proper tire.

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Cherokee V6

The V6 engine has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. It can produce 172 horsepower and a torque of 165 pound-feet. You also have another variant of this engine which is 3.2-liter and produces 271 horsepower with 239 pound-feet of torque.

V6 is more fuel-efficient in comparison. It provides you with an estimated EPA of 21 miles per gallon. On the highway, it can produce around 30 miles per gallon which is a superb fuel-to-power ratio.

Performance of the engine

Engine performance is usually measured in Horsepower and torque. The simple formula is – the more the numbers are, the better it is. Here is a comparison of the two engines:

Cherokee V8

The 3.2-liter V8 engine can handle all kinds of terrains. You can use it with almost all kinds of off-roads, and the SUV will still power through it.

This is mainly because of the maximum output that this engine provides. With a horsepower of 271 and a torque of 305 pounds, you can use it in every situation.

With a V8 engine, your SUV can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 7.3 seconds, which is a crazy speed. It is one of the fastest speeds in the Cherokee series.

The V8 engine also has a five-speed automation transmission system to give you a smooth and quiet experience even when driving on the roughest of terrains.

Cherokee V6

The Cherokee V6 is a sport utility vehicle that can handle five people. It is available in two versions – latitude and limited.

The latitude version clocks in at 2.4 liters. It is a 4-cylinder engine that has an HP of 184. In terms of torque, it produces 171-pound feet of it.

Similarly, the limited version offers a 3.2-liter engine with an HP of 271 HP and a torque of 239-pound feet. Both versions offer you six-speed manual transmission and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

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Noise Production

Engines do produce noise. Some engines are more audible than others. How do the V8 and the V6 engines compare in this regard? Let us find out.

Cherokee V8

The noise level on the V8 engine is very loud. Compared to the V6 engine, this one produces a very powerful noise you can hear from miles away.

However, the good thing about this is that people who are excited by engines find it incredible. Engine enthusiasts love to hear the engine sound when the SUV is speeding down the highway.

The new models don’t produce as much sound as the older ones, but the V8 is noisy!

Cherokee V6

The V6 3.6L engine is best for people who want to go on a long-distance road trip. This engine is strong enough to handle the constant high speeds and long hours of travel.

Consumers have noticed a slight rattling noise while they are driving their vehicles. While considered normal, the noise is still not great for long-distance driving. The engine does have some faults, though.

You don’t get as much noise as the V8, so that’s a win!

Handling and Stability

Engines also influence the handling and stability of your vehicle. The more well-tuned an engine is, the better you can handle it.

Cherokee V8

The V8 engine will enable you to go on an off-road trip without any problems. Not only does it provide a solid off-road experience, but it is also built properly. The stability of this engine is second to none.

You can handle it without any issue, and its power is also quite impressive. We are a huge fan of its steering responsiveness and well-tuned chassis that offers quite a responsive handling.

Cherokee V6

The V6 engine is powerful as well as responsive. The V6 has impressive Horsepower and torque. But despite this, you can responsively handle the engine.

It has a great power-to-weight ratio which makes it more responsive than ever. The V6 is not as powerful as the V8, which makes its handling even better.

But don’t let this lack of power fool you; the V6 engine is still very stable!

Pros and Cons of Jeep Grand Cherokee V6

The V6 engine is for people who want that sweet spot. It is not as powerful as the V8 engine, but it has enough features that make it worthwhile. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you get with the Cherokee V6 engine:

  • The engine will reduce your fuel consumption and improve fuel economy.
  • In comparison to the V8, the V6 engine is relatively more affordable.
  • The noise production on this engine is minimum.
  • The engine gives you a superb towing capacity.
  • This engine is more stable when it comes to handling.
  • The overall performance of this engine is quite Low.
  • This engine is not great for use in rough terrain.

Pros and Cons of Jeep Grand Cherokee V8

The V8 engine is one of the heaviest engines out there. Compared to the V6, it has a better capacity and ceiling power. Here are its pros and cons:

  • The cargo capacity of the V8 engine is more than that of the V6.
  • The V8 comes with comparatively more ceiling power.
  • Quit suitable for traversing tough terrains.
  • The V8 engine consumes more fuel than the V6.
  • You need to handle the V8 engine with more care.
  • The V8 engine generates more noise while driving.

Which one is better?

Both the V8 and the V6 engines have their benefits and drawbacks. When you want to drive around town or on a highway, the V6 engine is the best for you.

But if you want to drive in rough terrain and want better acceleration, the V8 engine will be more beneficial to you.

Bot, the engines are great in their way. But the V6 engine buyers also don’t seem to mind using it in rough terrain. So, it is very hard to give you an exact answer.

Which one should you get?

Both the V8 and the V6 engines have their uses. We cannot tell you which one to get. But we will suggest you make the decision based on your needs.

If you need something powerful, V8 is the perfect engine for you. But if you want an engine that is a bit more usable, you can go with the V6 version.


We know that there are many SUVs out there, and all of them come in various shapes and sizes. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best of all these SUVs.

Many families in the United States consider it useful because it has tons of space for your goods and people. The SUV feels and drives like a car, but it also has off-road capabilities that can handle all terrain.

This vehicle is available in both the V6 and the V8 versions. Both of these versions are great in their regards. You can choose either of them based on what fits you the best.

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