10 Best Jeep Rims For Wrangler [Also Support other Models]

Rims are the outer edge of a wheel in vehicles. Most people use the term ‘Rim’ to replace ‘Wheels.’ So, please don’t get confused; we will use these two words to denote the same thing in this article.

Having said that, If you have a dented rim, you’d want to get a new one, right? But it isn’t easy to search for a new rim. That’s where we come in. Today, we will provide you with all the information about Jeep Rims so that you can make an informed decision. So, let’s get into it!

Top Rims For Your Jeep Wrangler

After comparing wheels or rims on the list we came to the conclusion that RockTrix RT105 is a top choice as it is stylish and durable with top-notch performance.

1. RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels

RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels

The RockTrix RT105 is a multi-spoke black wheel with a 71.5Mm Bore and a 5×5 Bolt Pattern 17×9. It will provide your Jeep with a sporty yet stylish look. These Rims have a bolt pattern with 4.5 inches of backspacing. It is also perfect for off-roading and will give you an extra 1/2 inches of inner clearance for suspension components.

The diameter of this rim is 17 inches and can be installed on your Jeep quite easily. There is a stylish look as well. This wheel has a neat matte black finish and a protective clear coat for durability.

Over time, the paint may chip off, but thanks to the resilient cast Aluminum construction, you can count on it to last for a long time. You do need to get fenders and lift kits for larger sizes, but for the low asking price, the RockTrix RT105 is one of the best jeep rims for your wrangler!

  • Sturdy and stylish

  • Excellent value for money

  • Easy installation

  • Durable cast Aluminum build

  • Paint may wear off

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2. Helo HE878 Wheels

Helo HE878 Wheels

If how your rims look matters the most to you, the Helo HE878 is an excellent rim for you. It has a black satin finish with an aggressive spoke design. These wheels come in diameters that range from 16 to 20 inches.

Built out of single-piece cast Aluminum, the Helo HE878 wheels are lightweight but a beast on rough terrain. You can get it in multiple configurations. There is even a chrome version if you want a bit shiny look.

These wheels have a rugged look, so the Jeep style is enhanced here. These features make it a must-have rim for people wanting to flex a good-looking rim. You also get a warranty on the finish- it looks wicked and works great!

  • Sleek and elegant black finish

  • Cast Aluminum Build

  • It comes in a bunch of sizes Concave wheels- don’t crack under pressure

  • 1 Year warranty on the finish

  • You get jealous looks from your pals!

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3. Trailmaster Steel Wheels

Trailmaster Steel Wheels

The Trailmaster wheels have a gloss black finish and steel construction. You get a lovely 5×4 bolt pattern with a diameter of 15×8. The backspace here is 3.75 inches.

These are pretty tough wheels that will perform exceptionally well in heavy-duty applications. This makes them quite perfect for all kinds of off-road use. The gloss black finish is outstanding here, but these are more than just utility wheels.

The backspacing is deep on these wheels. While some people may find it too much for their tastes, you should double-check your purchase because sometimes the description isn’t accurate.

  • Balanced Stylish and affordable

  • Works great on off-road conditions

  • Not hub-centric, slightly more difficult to get right

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4. American Racing Series AR767

American Racing Series AR767

The American Racing Series AR767 has steel construction and red and blue stripes. This strip looks pretty decent, and if you are a patriot, this rim should be right up your alley.

These rims are available in various sizes like 15 x 7 in, 15 x 8 in, 15 x 10 in, 16 x 8 in, etc., and with different bolt patterns. You also get a 90 days warranty and lifetime structural warranty with it.

You will not get lug nuts and caps with these wheels, though. This rim is available in a glossy black finish with a great bolt pattern and 4 inches of backspace. We would recommend making sure that these fit your wheels before you get the AR767- it’s a fantastic choice for a  decent rim for your wheels.

  • Limited Structural Warranty and 90-days warranty

  • It comes in a variety of diameters

  • Durable Stunning Looks

  • Need to get center caps separately

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5. Vision Warrior 375 Wheel

Vision Warrior 375 Wheel

This is the perfect one if you are searching for a very affordable wheel that grabs attention. The vision wheel has cast aluminum construction and a gloss-black machined finish. You won’t get the lug nuts with it, though.

The rim size is 16 x 8 inches and has a bolt pattern of 6 x 5.5 inches. In terms of backspace, you get 4.5 inches.

The best part about this rim is that it has a 1-year warranty. In terms of price-to-performance ratio, this rim has an excellent finish, and we liked how it was designed.

  • Durable finish

  • Good build quality

  • Eye-catching gloss black aesthetic

  • Excellent purchase on a budget

  • It comes with a warranty!

  • Need to get lug nuts separately

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6. American Racing AR172 Baja Wheel

American Racing AR172 Baja Wheel

This is the second wheel on this list from American Racing, but this one has a bolt pattern of 5 x 4.5 inches, and it comes with a black satin finish.

While this one doesn’t come with lug nuts, you will get the cap. In addition, the AR172 Baja Rim has a lifetime structural warranty, and you also get a 1-year finish warranty.

You can get this wheel in various sizes such as 16 x 8 in, 15 x 7 in, 16 x 10 in, 17 x 9 in, 16 x 10 in, 17 x 8 in, etc. The wheel is compatible with all kinds of terrain as well. You can choose from a matte black finish, a polished finish, and a polished aluminum finish.

  • Charming black aesthetic

  • 1 Year Structural warranty, and the same for the finish Likely to fit many wheel sizes Versatile, and features a sturdy build

  • Lug nuts sold separately

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7. RTX Steel Rim New Aftermarket Wheel

RTX Steel Rim New Aftermarket Wheel

If you are on a tight budget, you can go with the RTX Steel Rim. These 17″ wheels have a size of 16 x 6.5 inches. The bolt pattern is 5 x 4.5 inches, and the rim has an offset of +40.

You get a matte black rim here, and because it is priced so low, you can also use it as a spare wheel. What I like most about this rim is that it’s lug-centric and will also fit wheels with larger center bores. Before you buy it, make sure your Jeep is compatible with it.

Many buyers use this rim as a spare rim for their vehicles. And since it comes at an affordable price, you can keep it as a spare tire in emergencies. You never know when you might need one!

  • Budget-friendly

  • Ideal as a spare Sturdy single-piece

  • alloy steel construction Multi fitment wheels

  • Not hub centric

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8. Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock Wheel

Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock Wheel

If you’re looking for a highly affordable wheel from a renowned manufacturer, you won’t find anything better than Mickey Thompson Classic Baja. While this rim is not Beadlock capable, the ring and hardware shown are purely decorative.

The Classic Baja Lock Wheel hails from a well-known company for its durable, faster, and more capable products that deliver excellent performance in extreme offroad conditions. The Mickey Thompson rims are available in diameters ranging from 15 to 17 inches and come with one year of warranty.

If you are in a pinch and have yet to try a rim by Mickey Thompson, this is a must-try for anybody who owns a jeep wrangler!

  • High-performance

  • Durable Fits 15″ – 17″ wheels

  • 1 Year Warranty provided

  • Cannot replace with a Beadlock ring

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9. AEV Saverge II Wheel

AEV Saverge II Wheel

The AEV Saverge II wheel is an American Wheel. It is made by American Expedition Vehicles, a company in Michigan.

This rim has a very rugged construction, and it also has a superb reputation for quality. This wheel is made for the Jeep Wrangler – has an offset of +25mm and a center cap bore of 62.77 mm, and fits like a charm!

The construction is of A356 T6 cast aluminum and has a matte-black finish. The wheels are designed to deliver an excellent Tire clearance and have factory-like handling and compatibility.

This wheel is compatible with all keep Wranglers and has a structural warranty. So, you don’t need to worry about how it holds up. However, the warranty doesn’t cover powder coatings over the Aluminum wheels, so if you are thinking about coloring your wheels, you may want to stick to liquid paint instead.

  • Fits JL Wrangler perfectly

  • Lifetime structural warranty

  • Works well with OE backup camera

  • Easy installation

  • Cast Aluminum construction- a durable material used Heavily tested Looks awesome

  • None

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10. Fuel Beast Wheel

Fuel Beast Wheel - best jeep rims for wrangler

Fuel Beast Wheels for Jeep wrangler is pretty lovely. Fuel Beast makes some nice-looking wheels, but this one grabbed our attention. Fuel’s Beast wheel is designed to be tough overall. It is engineered to tackle everyday driving. In addition, this wheel is surprisingly good-looking, and you can buy it in multiple variants.

These wheels are made of single-piece cast Aluminum, and I like the -12mm offset; it makes it easy to work with. You get a load index rating of 2500, which is also pretty good.

The Fuel Beast Wheels aren’t the cheapest, but they sure pack a punch if you are looking for wheels built for rugged terrains.

  • Decent build quality

  • Easy to fit

  • Offers good traction

  • Matte black finish- looks dope!

  • Can be heavy and scratch easily

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Buying Guide for Jeep Rims

It isn’t easy to understand all the technical terms for a Layman. You might wonder what Offset, Bolt Pattern, and all these other things mean. Well, don’t worry. Here we have listed some things you should consider before buying a Jeep Rim. Let’s get into it!


The two most common materials used in rims are Steel and Alloy. Steel wheels are great for people wanting to do off-roading. They are strong as well as durable. Steel wheels can withstand all kinds of abuse. Alloy is best for Jeep owners who use their Jeeps on the regular.

Bolt Pattern

Jeeps have a specific bolt pattern just like any other vehicle. The bolt pattern is what secures the wheel to the wheel hub. This is also commonly referred to as a lug pattern. You need to match the wheel’s bolt pattern to your Jeep and ensure that the wheels stay secured to the Jeep.

Rim Size and Width

The rim size is the diameter of the wheel. It is pretty easy to match the original size on the Jeep. If you plan to go off-roading, you might consider a smaller size so you can buy tires with a large enough sidewall. Do keep in mind that changing the wheel diameter will help you change the tire as well. Remember that changing the wheel diameter will change your tire size and how your Jeep handles.


The offset of a wheel determines how far off the center of the barrel is to the mounting plate. In layman’s terms, offset determines how hard or easy it can get for wheel replacement. You might need to adjust the Jeep’s suspension to install the wheels if the offset is too much.

Beadlocks (left)

Beadlocks are essential for people who want to go on off-roading adventures. It keeps the tire secured to the rim. There are two deadlocks: a clamp ring and an outer bead grip. A rim with Beadlocks isn’t meant for roads, though. It is because they are heavier and harder to balance.

Hub Centric or Lug Centric

In a hub-centric wheel, you have a space in the bore’s center that fits perfectly on the wheel’s axle. The lugs can then hold the wheel to the mounting plate. The lug-centric wheels can use the lugs to center the car’s wheel. This kind of rim has a space between the axle and the hub.


The final thing to remember while buying a set of rims is choosing a set of wheels with a proper style. There are different wheels like chrome, black, machined, and milled. Some wheel types have bright accents, while others can be glossy, matte, or even have a satin color.

Types of Jeep Rims

Before we get into the list of best jeep rims, here are some types of Jeep Rims that you’d want to check out:


Steel Rims are the most basic and traditional types of wheels. They are also very cheap! Steel is made with an alloy of Carbon and Iron, which makes them quite durable. But Steel is heavy as well. The minimal style that Steel wheels have makes it entirely worth it. One drawback of steel wheels is that they don’t have a great design. Most companies drill a hole in a steel rim.


Alloy Rims were used on high-end cars from the manufacturer. In the last few decades, though, alloy wheels have become the wheel of choice. These wheels are lightweight but have the same strength as steel wheels. Alloy wheels are made by pouring a molten compound into a pre-made mold.


Multi-Piece Rims have separate components bolted together. This makes it heavier than alloy wheels but is light compared to steel wheels. The barrel and the face make up two separate pieces. There are even three-piece wheels that can make the adjustability even better.


Forged Wheels are the strongest in the market. They are made with forged aluminum. The process of making these wheels is pretty tricky as well. When subjected to a temperature exceeding 900 degrees, the metal is made. The metal needs to be crushed to make it super dense and robust. These rims are also compressed, so the weight is relatively light.


The Rims that we have mentioned above all have some cool features. They are some of the best pieces of Jeep equipment you can buy today. These wheels not only provide you with a great experience, but they are also super sturdy. So, keep them in mind if you want a new pair of rims for your Jeep!

To add something I recently tested the best jeep ball joints. You can read my experience.


Q: Are all Jeep rims the same?

Not exactly. While all Jeep rims have the same function of holding the tire and supporting a vehicle, they are drastically different than one another. The differences in rims include the material, bolt pattern, rim size, width, offset, and backspacing. Finishing also varies in the rims.

Q: What material is the best when it comes to Jeep Rims?

This can depend on many factors. These include where you plan to drive the Jeep, if you are concerned about the handling and the fuel economy, and if you value style over performance. But if we have to choose one, steel wheels are generally the heaviest and better for off-road travel. 

What are Alloy wheels best suited for?

Alloy wheels are made with either Aluminum or Magnesium. This makes them pretty lightweight. These wheels are great for street driving as well. Alloy wheels are generally lighter and produce less strain on the suspension and steering parts. This saves a lot of fuel.

Q. What other factors should I be concerned about when choosing a set of wheels? 

It would help if you looked out for Bolt Pattern. Jeeps have a pattern of 5 x 4.5 or 5 x 5. Another super important thing is rim size (which is determined by the tire). For instance, a 215/75R15 tire perfectly complements a 15-inch wheel. Other technical things to familiarize yourself with include offset as well as backspacing.

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