Which Company Is Best For Air Compressor?[10 Compare]

Air Compressor companies are crucial for building industries. Industrial Air Compressors are heavy mechanical devices that are used to compress air for industrial uses. These air compressors get air from the atmosphere and then decrease its volume at the same time increasing the pressure.

The compressed air is then stored in a holding tank. The huge holding tank will release the air into a pressure system and the compressor will start to work.

The jeep Air Compressor industry is a growing industry. Today, there are many air compressor manufacturers that are attempting to fill the gap as the demands of the industry for air compressor is always on the rise.  Mainly scientific, manufacturing, health care, and even aerospace can use air compressors for successful and efficient operation.

Compressed air has many applications. It provides air fuel to various tools, machinery as well as cleaning systems. With that out of the way, let us now take a look at some of the Best Air Compressor Companies in the world right now.

Best Air Compressor Companies

This article lists the top 10 compressor manufacturers in the world.

Atlas Copco 

The Atlas Copco is also known as AC. It is a Sweden-based company. The corporation has air compressor manufacturing as its subgroup. Atlas can produce all types of air compressors and it has the highest market cap in the world right now.

Ingersoll Rand 

Ingersoll Rand is a multinational group. The headquarter is in the United States and this air compressor manufacturer is known for producing various types of air compressors. It has a wide range of products and has a high reputation too. The global market share of this company is pretty huge too.


Sullair is actually a subsidiary company of American Aviation. It is a military company with a history of work under its belt. This company has produced air compressors for a lot of industries all over the world. The company has many branches around the world too. I


Compair is a UK-based company. It is well known for making sliding vane air compressors. Recently, Compair acquired a German company named Demag and a US company named Leroi Air. So, now Compair also makes screw air compressors. It plans to become one of the most reputable air compressor companies in the world.


You have probably heard of Hitachi. Formally known as Hitachi Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd, this company’s specialty lies in manufacturing, sales, maintenance, after-sales service, and system engineering. It has a huge line-up of industrial machinery products.

Hitachi has a wide range of products that range from motors, air compressors, inkjet printers, electric hoists, transformers, wind hydraulic machinery, large fan coils, and more. The company is a leader in the field of industrial motors.


KAESER was founded in 1919. It was primarily a machinery company in Germany but now, it has become one of the most successful air compressor manufacturers in the world. This company’s specialty lies in manufacturing It also has more than 3000 employees all around the world. It focuses on retail production and has bases in places such as Coburg, Bavaria, Germany, Gera, Thuringia, and Lyon, France.


KOBELCO is not a recent player in the air compression business. It has a long history of making air compressors. The company has been making compressors for around 100 years. KOBELCO has updated itself with the times and now makes very impressive Air compressors for a lot of industries.

Quincy – America

Quincy is an American company that has been making air compressors since 1920. The company is very well known in the state. It sells the most quality air compressors and vacuum pumps in America. Their products are used globally. Quincy makes other products for industries like medicine too. Their products are also used in climate control systems.


Fusheng is a Chinese company established way back in 1953. It is a manufacturing company that has a huge hand in high-quality automation equipment as well as air compressors.

The product line of Fusheng is quite wide. It makes a lot of items and most of its products adhere to environmentally friendly standards.


GESO is a company from great Britain whose products are used in different industries like manufacturing, power, chemical, metallurgy, cloth, laser cutting, and more. They also produce air compressors. They have a permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor which is a two-stage compression screw air compressor.

You can also use it as a low-pressure screw air compressor. Aside from this, the company also has other products such as laser cutting 16bar air compressor, vacuum pump, air compressor post-processing equipment, etc.

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