10 Best Ball Joints For Jeep JK [Wrangler & All Models]

Ever noticed your Jeep making strange sounds, the steering feeling loose when making turns, and wondered about what might be the cause? Heavy-duty ball joints may be just what you need to get your Jeep in top shape!

Mechanical parts, be it on a regular vehicle or a majestic JK Jeep Wrangler – are prone to wear and tear from the abuse of harsh, unforgiving terrains. Many things can go wrong with the suspension system, but ball joints are the most apparent culprit among parts like control arms, steering, and suspension. They can last for many years on a regular vehicle, but wear can be more apparent if your Jeep is regularly out in the dust facing difficult roads.

ball joints

You should pick ball joints that perform well under high suspension loads and don’t mind aggressive and unforgiving roads. These also stabilize the wheels, which can come in handy on rugged terrains.

For the most part, OEM ball joints are decent, but if you are serious about off-road adventures, a heavy-duty ball joint kit may be well worth the price. Decent ball joints will let you focus on just driving, and you won’t have to worry about annoying clunking sounds or loose and wandering steering wheel.

Best Ball Joints For JK Jeep Wrangler

In this short post, we take a quick look at a handpicked selection of the best heavy-duty ball joints for jeep jk to see which ones are worth spending the buck.

1. MOOG K80026 Ball Joints

best ball joints for jk jeep wrangler - moog k80026 ball joints

If you are looking for a durable and sturdy ball joint that’s super easy to install on your Jeep Wrangler, you will find the MOOG K80026 a perfect fit.

Weighing 1.4 pounds, the MOOG K80026 is undoubtedly one of the most durable ball joints, running over 90,000 miles on average. I have used these on my Wrangler for over six years without issues. It’s probably got to do with how new lubricant enters the socket and pushes the old and dry lube out, so the ball joint’s life is prolonged.

What I like most about the  MOOG K80026 is how easy it is to install it on a jeep. The precision tolerance helps ensure perfect steering alignment every time you are on the road.

I am not fond of the packaging, but the ball joint is well worth the low asking price.

Frankly, I think fully rebuildable kits are the most durable out of all ball joint types, but there’s a catch- those will just put a hole in your pocket). If you are looking for durable ball joints, MOOG ball joints are the best, apart from fully rebuildable kits.

  • Affordable

  • Hands-down the best ball joints for JK Jeep Wrangler

  • Hassle-free installation

  • Old and dry lube can be replaced to prolong ball joint lifespan

  • Some buyers may not find the packaging neat

2. parts 4pc Suspension Kit, Ball Joints

budget ball joints- partsW suspension kit

While talking about the best ball joints, it’s necessary to mention that quality and performance come at a price. You are good to go with cheap ball joints for drivers who don’t take their rides offroad that often.

If you need cheap ball joints that last the same as the OEM ones, you are in for a treat!

These fit like a glove on a large selection of jeep models – the Cherokee ’84 – ’01, ’86 – ’92 Comanche, TJ ’97 – ’06, and Wrangler ’87 – ’17, to name a few, and of course, the 2018 JK Jeep Wrangler.

The 4-pc PartsW upper and lower ball joints are precision-machined for a snug fit, made out of specially treated steel, and you won’t need to replace them for roughly 80,000 miles. Even if you think heavy-duty ball joints are the way to go, I will grab a few of these, so I have spares lying around. It can come in handy during an emergency!

  • Deliver performance and durability comparable to OEM Will get rid of any rattle and prevent further damage to the suspension

  • Excellent for having around as cheap spares

  • It fits a large variety of jeep models Cheap

  • Won’t fit Wrangler Rubicon

3. MOOG K3134T Ball Joints

moog k3134T problem-solver ball joints

The MOOG K3134T is a great ball joint set with a greasable socket, slotted gusher bearing, heat-treated stud, and precision tolerances that make it extremely easy for jeep enthusiasts to carry out ball joint replacements without frustration. It’s one of the best ball joints on this list for JK Jeep Wranglers for an excellent reason.

You will find Belleville disc springs (or washers), which help position the bearing without end-play while enhancing bearing rigidity and reducing radial shaft deflections.

What I like most about this part is, no doubt, the cheap price paired with a good amount of thought put into the manufacturing process. The old and dry lubricant is replaced by a fresher lube that reduces the chance of corrosion and allows smooth movements owing to reduced friction.

The K3134T outperforms OEM ball joints and quickly sells for 100 bucks a piece retail. You will get them for roughly 25 bucks on Amazon, which is a bargain; I would happily recommend getting a bunch of these later as well!

  • Comes at a cheap price

  • Absorbs impact well

  • A greasable socket and slotted gusher bearing allow lubricants to be replaced when dry.

  • Does not corrode or mess up steering alignment

  • None

4. Omix-Ada 18036.05 Ball Joint Kit for Jeep JK Wrangler

Omix-Ada 18036.05 Ball Joint Kit for jk jeep wrangler

Looking for something that’s cheap yet comes with a warranty? The Taiwan-manufactured Omix-Ada 18036.05 comes insured with a 5-year limited warranty.

This set of upper and lower ball joints fits Dana 30/40 front axles and snugly in place of the OE ball joint. The Omix-Ada 18036.05 is compatible with the 2007 – 2018 JK Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Sahara, and Sport, so it’s ideal for JK models.

I have mixed feelings about non-lubeable ball joints, but these will last just as long as greasable joints like MOOG K3134T and are also said to hold out water, so it’s all good. Regardless, it will undoubtedly do a great job removing death wobble and rattles if your vehicle has suspension-related issues.

  • Cheap Superior to OEM joints

  • It fits almost all JK models

  • Corrosion-free

  • It comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty

  • Non-lubeable

5. TeraFlex 3442002 Ball Joints (Premium JK Dana 30/44 Ball Joint Kit)

TeraFlex 3442002 Ball Joints

The TeraFlex 3442002 is a premium ball joint kit for JK/JKU Wrangler jeeps manufactured between 2007 and 2012. Built with hard alloy and 1015 carbon steel, the TeraFlex also flexes 30mm adjustable 4140 Chrome Moly studs, anti-rust Phosphate finish, dust-free seal, and smooth performance.

What I like most about the 3442002 ball joints by TeraFlex is that the upper and lower ball joints have grease zerk fittings that allow fresh lube to replace old ones. And you can adjust the camber and caster angles if you find that your wheels are misaligned.

If you have a newer JK model, you will need to grind the axle shaft to make it fit, which isn’t something you usually want to do. These are the best ball joints you could get on the market for the supported models.

  • Sturdy materials

  • Greasable and Adjustable design

  • Magnesium Phosphate glaze to prevent corrosion

  • Serrated flange nuts to prevent parts from coming off due to vibrations on difficult roads

  • None

6. Rough Country Heavy-Duty Ball Joints for 07-18 JK

Rough Country Heavy-Duty Ball Joints

Next on this list, we have Rough Country ball joints that seat nicely on JK Jeep Wranglers with Dana 30 and 44 axles. These aren’t heavy-duty ball joints designed to tackle extreme conditions, but if you take care of them, they will last for a couple of years with plenty of off-road adventures.

I like that they are greasable ball joints, so the insides of the joint won’t be all corroded when the lube gets dry. The only issue you may have with this ball joint is greasing after they are installed. The grease nipple on the lower ball joint is placed oddly so that it might be tricky to grease.

You are getting four ball joints- two sets of upper and lower ball joints, so you can use the spare set when the first one wears off. Upon installation (a breeze thanks to the detailed manual), the steering may feel off-center and heavier, but that should feel smoother after a few months of breaking in.

I think this is a decent ball joint kit if you have the right tools (a ball press makes things a lot easier), and it even comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

  • Dirt cheap Detailed instructions

  • Can be replaced if faulty

  • Warranty included

  • Unintuitive grease nipple placement

7. Synergy Mfg Heavy Duty Ball Joint Kit For Jeep Wrangler JK

 Synergy Mfg Heavy Duty Ball Joint Kit For Jeep Wrangler JK

If you are looking for a ball joint that works great regardless of the axle build and allows regular grease maintenance, the Synergy heavy-duty ball joint kit is just right for you. This fits snugly on jeeps with Dana 30 & Dana 44 axles

The plastic and nylon liners are the weakest link on most ball joints, and many folks have even resorted to using cyanoacrylate glue to make those parts last longer. On the Synergy kit, you get a metal-metal design that’s more durable, the stud is made out of heat-treated steel for strength, and the boot is silicone poly – these things don’t get damaged easily.

Synergy joints work better off-road surfaces than OE ball joints, and with a bit of patience, you can easily install them on your Jeep. You also get a year of unlimited warranty for peace of mind!

  • One year of Warranty

  • Easy to install

  • Sturdy Steel construction

  • Greasable design

  • None

8. TeraFlex 3442022  Knurled Ball Joint Set

TeraFlex 3442022 knurled ball joint set

Earlier, we looked at 3442002 by TeraFlex, a fantastic ball joint for snug fits. If the bore size on your vehicle is enlarged due to wear and you need a ball joint that won’t be loose, you will find the TeraFlex 3442022 a good choice for a loose press fit type of knuckles on jeeps with Dana 30 or 44 axles.

You are getting four of these, two upper and two lower ball joints, so you can keep a set for when you may need it later.

These are made out of heat-treated 4140 Chromyl studs and are ideal for vehicles often out in the wild. Like the 3442002, these also have serrated flange nuts, so they don’t come off due to vibrations and can be greased regularly.

  • Ideal for knuckles that have enlarged bore sizes and when regular joints are a loose fit Greaseable design

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Dust seal prevents dust from getting in Snap rings prevent the joints from breaking off from the axle

  • None

9. HHCM Front Upper Ball Joint Kit

HHCM front upper ball joints

It’s good to have spares lying around- if you’re thinking of stockpiling some cheap ball joints, the HHCM ball joints are a Chinese product that will come in very handy. It fits many jeep models, including the 2018 JK Jeep Wrangler, TJ ’97 – ’06, and Wrangler ’87 – ’17.

You are getting a set of ball joints. Chinese parts get a bad rep for being less durable, but these seem to be made under stringent OE requirements, and the design is from Taiwan.

What I like most about the HHCM joints is the fit- it fits nicely and doesn’t upset the wheel alignment. It seems they also offer a replacement if you are not satisfied (valid for 30 days) and a year of warranty, which is quite good.

  • Cheap

  • Good fit- precision tolerances

  • Work fine as OE ball joint substitutes

  • Warranty and Replacement included Parts provided for mounting

  • Won’t be able to grease the insides later

10. DV8 Offroad Upgraded Ball Joint Set

dv8 offroad ball joint set

Want to get rid of death wobble on a JK ’07 – ’18 Jeep Wrangler with Dana 30 /44 axles? Built out of SAE4140 Chromoly steel studs and the same material for housing, the DV8 Offroad ball joint set features a durable design with lube points to grease the insides regularly and instantly get rid of the death wobble and any suspension issues you may be facing.

What I like most about the ball joints by DV8 is the affordability aspect; for US-made ball joints that are pretty durable and built for off-road, these are surprisingly cheap.

These ball joints come with grooves (so they don’t turn like other cheap ball joints on the market) and clear instructions for installation. For the price, it’s certainly worth giving a shot!

  • Affordable Precision fit

  • easy installation

  • Greaseable joints last longer on regular maintenance

  • High-strength heat-treated steel studs

  • None

Installing Ball Joints On Your JK Jeep Wrangler

If you’ve never considered doing repairs on your Jeep, maybe it’s time you gave it some thought. Changing parts or lubing up your vehicle can fetch a massive bill from the mechanic. Doing minor repairs and fixes on your own is an excellent way to save some bucks and learn more about your Jeep.

The whole task may seem very intimidating but trust me, take it slow, one step at a time, and you will be surprised by how easy it was!

Before approaching this Replacement, you’re going to need:

  • New ball joints (obviously!)
  • Ball joint service tool/ press tool (optional, but will save you lots of time), I recommend: Astro Pneumatic tool

Just follow the instructions in this video, and you will be fine.

Things To Consider When Choosing Ball Joints


Well-made and sturdy ball joints last longer. Period.

It would help if you looked for ball joints made of heavy-duty steel that’s undergone proper heat treatment. Annealing is the most common heat treatment for steel- and the process reinforces strength by hardening the material at a structural level.


If you are here reading about the best JK Jeep Wrangler ball joints, you probably want to install them yourself. If that’s the case, you should look for models that can be easily installed. Some off-road oriented heavy-duty ball joints may need custom modifications which can be tricky if you aren’t well-versed in the trade.

You can check if a ball joint on this list fits your Jeep with the Amazon Confirmed Fit feature since buying the wrong parts is a waste of time and money if you aren’t equipped with the tools to go ahead with custom fittings. Most of us don’t have that time/expertise with machinery, so it’s best to check if the part fits our jeep models.

It would help if you also had the right tools for the job; we recommend the heavy-duty Astro Pneumatic tool, which works great for replacing rusty and unsalvageable ball joints and brake anchor pins.


Every jeep owner wants to get the off-road-oriented ball joint kit that can last for many years, even on the harshest of terrains. Sadly, durability comes at a price- if you don’t need the heavy-duty construction, you can opt for a budget ball joint kit.

You will still walk away with ball joints that drive great on motorways (and handle some offroad), and you will save money on your purchase.


If you often drive your Jeep offroad, investing in some decent spare ball joints is a good idea. Check the product details to see if you are getting any spares. You can save these for emergencies- being prepared for any situation is always good.

I like to have heavy-duty ball joints on my Wrangler and have cheap ball joints like PartsW 4pc upper and lower ball joints as spares.

Final Thoughts

Thus, we have looked at some of the market’s best ball joints for JK Jeep Wrangler. Ball joints are an essential mechanical component for smooth suspension and vehicle control, so if you need one, I would suggest you take a look at one that is heavy-duty and durable enough to work well under the rigors of high speeds and harsh terrains.

Ball joint kits look identical, but if you carefully examine the specifications, you will find that some are more suited to off-road than others. You need to pick one in your budget, which should keep you covered when you decide to go on an off-road adventure the next time!

Best On A Budget: PartsW 4pc upper and lower ball joints

Our Pick For Durability: TeraFlex 3442002

Best Knurled Ball Joints: TeraFlex 3442022


Q. What are ball joints?

Ball joints are the components that come between the front axle and wheels. They are responsible for fluid lateral movements, meaning if there’s a knocking sound when you are turning left or right on the road, there’s a big chance something is wrong with your ball joints.

Q. How can I tell if my ball joints are going bad?

The most common signs of failing ball joints are rattling/clunking sounds, odd vibrations while you drive, and wandering steering wheel. If you installed both front tires simultaneously, you could see uneven wear, as the tires won’t be perfectly aligned if the ball joints are faulty.

Usually, ball joints won’t go wrong if you drive on motorways, but the wear may be noticeable if you drive off-road.

Q. Can you drive with a foul ball joint?

I recommend replacing ball joints if you have noticed any issues while driving your trusted Jeep. Bad ball joints can be very dangerous as you won’t fully control your vehicle’s steer, and one of your tires might also wear faster. More importantly, bad ball joints can damage nearby parts, and you may have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Q. What causes a jeep to wobble?

Ball joints are probably why your Jeep has started wandering off the straight path even if you are holding the steering aligned. This is because the ball joints act as a pivoting mechanism between wheels and the axle for your Jeep to turn smoothly.

Q. Can you replace jeep ball joints on your own?

Replacing faulty OEM ball joints with a new one can be daunting but isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing. If you have the proper tools and have some experience with brake and suspension parts, you won’t find changing ball joints that hard. Seized bolts or tight-fitting components can give you some trouble, but you can get it done with the appropriate tools. It would help if you had the parts ready, and it should take about an hour or two for the installation. It’s also a good idea to get the components well-aligned, so you are not driving with a misaligned suspension.

Q. Should I change just one ball joint or all of them?

In modern jeeps, engineers have worked hard to distribute the stress ball joints evenly while driving. So, all ball joints will have more or less the same amount of wear from off-road conditions and continued use.

Replacing the entire set (of two or four ball joints) is a good idea as it will keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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